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Chicago Skates take Midwestern Sectionals by storm!

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The 2015 Midwest & Pacific Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships, were indeed a memorable experience for Chicago Skates.

On Wednesday before the competition, all of the excitement of the weekend was ahead of us – but we all knew that we were going to experience it all together, with the largest Chicago Skates force that we’ve ever brought to Sectionals. Three Chicago Skates teams competed in the 2015 Midwestern Sectionals, and it made us feel tied together as a family. We all supported and cheered for each other and reversely were encouraged to hear our teammates cheers while we were on the ice!

It might have been all that cheering that lead to some of the best skating we’ve seen out of our skaters all season long! All throughout the weekend coaches and parents were crying and cheering, and we received some of the sweetest compliments from other spectators in the stands.

Jr. Open Juvenile skated their absolute best of the entire season, and while they didn’t quite make final round, they and their coaches were so extremely proud of their skate. As a team, they reminisced a lot over the weekend. Remembering their early practices in the summer with their new coaches, and acknowledging just how amazingly far they have come this season, by working together and supporting each other. We are so proud of this team as a whole, and can’t wait to see what these skaters will be able to do in the future!

1 3 2

Pre-Juvenile had a record setting weekend, that claimed the first ever Sectional Medal for our Pre-Juvenile team! Their plan this year was to skate extremely clean, polished programs with speed and grace, and it definitely showed! Their skate in the Qualifying Round brought their parents and coaches to tears! The skaters on Open Juv and Jr Open Juv couldn’t have cheered any louder! It was a flawless program, and everyone said they couldn’t have skated it better. But the sneaky tricksters DID! They took the ice for the Find Round competition and skated it even better! Earning them a Pewter Medal out of 28 teams. Their excitement and happiness while standing on the medal podium couldn’t have been greater! We wish them so many congratulations! They definitely earned it a “Kiss The Ice” photo*!
2 midwesterns 2015 193 1
* “Kiss The Ice Photos” are a tradition in Synchronized Skating, where you kiss the ice that you earned your medal on. Its a way of thanking and ice and skating “gods” for the wonderful skate.

Open Juvenile, like their sister teams had 2 of the best skates of their entire season. The skaters on the team have strived all season long to strengthen their individual skills, posture, control and extension, and it definitely showed. Their initial skate earned them a 1st place placement, assuring them a spot in the Final Round. When their place was announced, the cheering section went WILD and one of their coaches broke down into tears! Their skate in the Final Round seemed more nervous – the skaters had a title to defend! They skated beautifully, and it earned them Open Juvenile’s first ever Silver Medal at the Sectional Championships.
IMG_0394 20150131_145452 FullSizeRender

Overall Chicago Skates had our strongest showing EVER, at this season’s Midwestern Sectionals. We can’t thank the parents enough who have given so much so their skaters could experience this, and thank you again and again to our skaters who push themselves each day to become better skaters and teammates.


Light Up the Park in “FROZEMONT”!

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We celebrated Black Friday this year, with a performance! For the second year in a row, the city of Rosemont, IL asked our Open Juvenile team to perform at their annual holiday Tree Lighting event, that also opens their outdoor ice rink! Our skaters were so honored to be asked back to perform, and enjoyed it immensely!


Our Open Juvenile team was so excited to show off their Harry Potter themed program, that they barely felt the cold! Here are some photos from the event:
Screenshot 1 screenshot 3 screenshot 6 IMG_7656

Watch our performance here!

“Frozemont” is also offering SNOW TUBING, on their constructed sledding hill called “Polar Peak”! Gallery of the event 

Kalamazoo Kick Off Competition Wrap-Up!

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The week before Thanksgiving, 5 of our 6 teams headed out to Kalamazoo, MI to compete in the Kalamazoo Kick off Classic, for this season’s first competition!!

Pre-Juvenile started off the weekend for us, competing on Saturday with their wonderful program to the music of “Enchanted”! Then they came back to the hotel and “Spirit Bombed” Coach Kim’s door with signs of encouragement, support and teamwork… And some silly ones too!

spirit bomb 1 spirit bomb 2

All of the other teams competed on Sunday, so we started our weekend with each team’s “Official Practice” on Saturday night, when all the teams were able to skate their program a few times, to get ready for the next day’s skate. Back at the hotel our team parents were setting up an AMAZING dinner from Noodles and Co. to feed our 80 starving skaters!!

Sunday morning dawned with the excitement of starting off the competition season with a bang! Most teams had to rise bright and early to get started with “Hair and Make-up”, or to get ready for an On-Ice Critique with a synchro judge. The competition day started off with our new Beginner 2 team, who skate to a “Rio” themed program. They looked a little nervous for their very first US Figure Skating competition, but they handled it like champs, and skated incredibly well, earning a Bronze Medal in a tough group! Next up was our Beginner 3 team, who skate to music from “Lilo & Stitch”, with the best skate of the season SO FAR!! This exciting moment earned them a Gold Medal!

B2 KZOO b3 kzoo

After all the Beginner teams had skated, it was time for both of our Open Juvenile teams to compete! Our first team, who skates to the music from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” skated one of the best programs we had seen from them so far.. Until the very end! With 20 seconds left, there was some confusion about which way to pull out of a circle, and the program ended with them struggling to get back to their spots. However, the team was still awarded a Bronze Medal, which just goes to show that even though mistakes happen, you still get rewarded for the things you do correctly! Last of the day to skate, was our 2nd Open Juvenile team, Chicago Skates Red. They’re skating to an uplifing song called “Wings”, which make them feel like they’re soaring! And soar, they did, with yet ANOTHER of the best skate’s we have seen of the season!!
JOJ kzoo oj kzoo

Each of the 5 teams skate three separate times that weekend! Official Practice, the Judges Critique, and Competition! It was an exhausting weekend, but such a fun one! And we were so glad to be able to share it with all of our new family members!

Stay tuned to hear more about our Thanksgiving activities!

Team Building Season Kick-Off

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Last Friday all 6 Chicago Skates teams gathered together to kick off the beginning of a new season! We started off by handing out their themed t-shirts for the event, that read “1 Rink, 1 Team, 1 Dream“. Our idea behind the theme stemmed from the fact that all 6 of our teams will be competing under the same organization this year. We are SO excited to have ALL the teams at ALL the same competitions. Our cheering sections are going to be HUGE! 

We started out with everyone heading upstairs to check out MSC’s brand new Yoga Studio, where we tried something new, this year. To go along with our theme for the season, we wanted to give the opportunity for the skaters on different teams to get to know each other a little better, and we created “Team Families”! They’re made of approximately 1 skater from each team, and the plan is that they can get to know each other easily by spending time together, creating fun gifts and cheering each other on! 

Next we broke into 3 groups to cycle through the events for the evening: Team Building, Off-Ice/Dance, and Dinner/Judging 101. Here are some fun photos from Team Building! 
SAM_1661SAM_1663 SAM_1666 SAM_1667 SAM_1669 SAM_1677 SAM_1679 SAM_1680 SAM_1681 SAM_1683 SAM_1684

The last activity of the evening took place on the ice! We were able to get a photo of the ENTIRE organization! We played a few On-Ice Team Building games, in our new families. And then had a huge, major FREE TIME! Skaters were taking photos… trying new things with each other… practicing their routines…. It was so much fun!!! 
SAM_1696 SAM_1698 SAM_1699 SAM_1702 SAM_1706SAM_1715 SAM_1712 SAM_1716 SAM_1718 SAM_1719 SAM_1720 SAM_1723 SAM_1724 SAM_1726


SAM_1711SAM_1708  SAM_1713

Overall, it was a SMASHING success and SO MUCH FUN! We are SO looking forward to this new season, definitely a year of FIRSTS! Lets hope those are figurative AND literal! 😉



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Boot Camp
On August 23rd our Pre-Juvenile, Jr Open Juvenile and Open Juvenile teams participated in our 2nd annual BOOT CAMP! They took both on-ice and off-ice classes such as:

Individual Skills and Drills
Team Skills

And so much more! The skaters worked so hard during their exhausting 10 hour day, and got so much out of it. Thanks so much to everyone who made it a complete success. It a great way for our advanced teams to hit the ground running to start off the season. Can’t wait until we can show it all off at our first competition!

The skaters of our 3 advanced teams after an exhausting day of Boot Camp!
The skaters of our 3 advanced teams after an exhausting day of Boot Camp!

2014-2015 Team Rosters Posted!

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We are so excited to announce our 2014-2015 Chicago Skates Teams!

Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Beginner 3
Junior Open Juvenile 
Open Juvenile 

With the addition of a SIXTH team, we now have over 100 kids in our organization! We are looking forward to this new step of our younger teams competing under US Figure Skating, and that we will all be traveling together to some competitions!

Check back soon, to find out what competitions we will be attending throughout the season!