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Chicago Skates Synchronized Skating Teams skate out of McFetridge Sports Center, in Chicago, IL. We have over 100 skaters representing 6 different divisions in U.S. Figure Skating. Our organization is proud to say that we offer the chance for skaters to participate in synchronized skating, as one of the most affordable clubs in the country, along with scholarship opportunities for those families who would benefit from it.

Over 30 years after our formation, our organization is larger, stronger and more competitive than ever. Chicago Skates is the ONLY synchronized skating team in the city of Chicago. And we are proud to represent our favorite city with passion. We have skaters who drive from all over the city to compete for Chicago Skates and the Windy City FSC.

Chicago Skates History 

Chicago Skates was formed in 1988 by Kathy Murphy as a precision class, then later morphed into a competitive team. Their first “competitive precision program” had a Polka theme, and competed in bright yellow and red dresses in 1989! Just a few years later, in 1992, the demand for another, younger team grew and our 2nd team, Chicago Blades was formed.  Over the years, we have happily added on many more teams, including additional ISI and US Figure Skating teams, even an adult team! Then, ten years later in 2002, as our organization grew, and team names were becoming harder to imagine, we decided to come together under our founding name; Chicago Skates.

*Fun Fact* The name “Chicago Skates” is intended as a verb, as in the city of Chicago, skates; not the Chicago Skates!

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized Skating is a large and the fastest-growing discipline of figure skating where 8–20 (the number of skaters on a team depends on the level) skaters skate on ice as a team, moving as one flowing unit at high speeds, performing intricate steps and creating interesting formations.

In 1956, the first synchronized skating team was formed by Dr. Richard Porter, who became known as the ‘father of synchronized skating’. The ‘Hockettes’ skated out of Ann Arbor, MI and entertained spectators during intermissions of the Universtiy of Michigan’s Wolverine hockey games. In the early days, precision skating (as it was then called) resembled a drill team routine, or a precision dance company such as The Rockettes.

Today, although not currently an Olympic sport, it has already been reviewed for Olympic eligibility. Fans and participants of this fast-growing discipline have begun to strive for recognition by the rest of the skating and athletic world. In 2007 synchronized skating took one step closer to Olympic contention when it was selected to be part of the World University Games as a demonstration sport.

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships is the most elite competition in  synchronized skating. First held in 2000, in Minneapolis, MN, the competition draws approximately 25 of the worlds top Senior level teams to compete in an Olympic-caliber competition, with Finland, Sweden and USA most often topping the medal stand.

More Information 

Organizations we represent:


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U.S. Figure Skating

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Windy City Figure Skating Club 

McFetridge Sports Center

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