Junior Skates

Jr. Skates first practice - inaugural year 2023-24

Jr. Skates Inaugural Year!

January 2024, Chicago Skates introduced a new developmental team, The Jr. Skates, coached by Audrey Wolz and Anya Lowe

This is a very exciting opportunity for those interested in synchro in the Chicago Skates program and are looking for a beginner level team with less commitment than a competitive team.

Goals -

  • Develop skating skills that will aid skaters in tryouts the following season.
  • Learn what the different synchro elements are and how to successfully skate them as a team.
  • Develop team working skills (and hopefully make lots of friends!)
  • Develop a synchro program to perform in the annual ice show.

Expectations -

  • Skaters listen and follow coaching instructions.
  • Skaters attend practice and come willing to learn new skating skills.