Kalamazoo Kick Off Competition Wrap-Up!

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The week before Thanksgiving, 5 of our 6 teams headed out to Kalamazoo, MI to compete in the Kalamazoo Kick off Classic, for this season’s first competition!!

Pre-Juvenile started off the weekend for us, competing on Saturday with their wonderful program to the music of “Enchanted”! Then they came back to the hotel and “Spirit Bombed” Coach Kim’s door with signs of encouragement, support and teamwork… And some silly ones too!

spirit bomb 1 spirit bomb 2

All of the other teams competed on Sunday, so we started our weekend with each team’s “Official Practice” on Saturday night, when all the teams were able to skate their program a few times, to get ready for the next day’s skate. Back at the hotel our team parents were setting up an AMAZING dinner from Noodles and Co. to feed our 80 starving skaters!!

Sunday morning dawned with the excitement of starting off the competition season with a bang! Most teams had to rise bright and early to get started with “Hair and Make-up”, or to get ready for an On-Ice Critique with a synchro judge. The competition day started off with our new Beginner 2 team, who skate to a “Rio” themed program. They looked a little nervous for their very first US Figure Skating competition, but they handled it like champs, and skated incredibly well, earning a Bronze Medal in a tough group! Next up was our Beginner 3 team, who skate to music from “Lilo & Stitch”, with the best skate of the season SO FAR!! This exciting moment earned them a Gold Medal!

B2 KZOO b3 kzoo

After all the Beginner teams had skated, it was time for both of our Open Juvenile teams to compete! Our first team, who skates to the music from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” skated one of the best programs we had seen from them so far.. Until the very end! With 20 seconds left, there was some confusion about which way to pull out of a circle, and the program ended with them struggling to get back to their spots. However, the team was still awarded a Bronze Medal, which just goes to show that even though mistakes happen, you still get rewarded for the things you do correctly! Last of the day to skate, was our 2nd Open Juvenile team, Chicago Skates Red. They’re skating to an uplifing song called “Wings”, which make them feel like they’re soaring! And soar, they did, with yet ANOTHER of the best skate’s we have seen of the season!!
JOJ kzoo oj kzoo

Each of the 5 teams skate three separate times that weekend! Official Practice, the Judges Critique, and Competition! It was an exhausting weekend, but such a fun one! And we were so glad to be able to share it with all of our new family members!

Stay tuned to hear more about our Thanksgiving activities!

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